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A stair lift is a device that carries an individual up and down the stairs. Typically this will be in a chair that is attached to a rail system. The chair will traverse the distance of the stairs and makes it much easier for people with mobility related problems to ascend and descend the stairs. One of the leading stair lift manufacturers in both dependability and quality is AmeriGlide. AmeriGlide has several different stair lifts Stair Glide Salem WI that have varying weight capacities and seating arrangements.

While a quality distributor has highly trained installation specialists available, the installation of an AmeriGlide stair lift can typically be done by an individual in an afternoon. As with any do it yourself project, it is important to ensure that you read and understand all directions before you begin. Make sure you consult the instructions that come with your specific model, but this guide will serve as a Salem WI good starting point. In some states a permit is required, so make sure that you have all received and fully displayed any necessary permits before beginning installation. Washington and Connecticut are two states that require special permits for the installation of stair lifts.

There are several things that should be done before you begin your installation, the first of course being reading the installation instructions. If after reading the instructions you are in anyway unsure of Handicap Stair Climber Salem WI your ability to complete the installation, or if you just do not feel comfortable doing it, please contact your dealer so they can arrange a trained technician to help you. Before you begin the installation it is important to ensure that you have all necessary tools. You will need a 5/32 allen wrench, a set of open wrenches (3/8, 7/16, and 9/16), phillips head screwdriver, and an electric drill with an 8 inch 3/8 socket Salem WI extension. It is also necessary to have a properly grounded 110 volt, 15 amp, outlet (standard in most homes) within 10 feet of the top of the track.

Once you have assembled all the tools, you should inventory the individual stair lift components, familiarizing yourself with them. The stair lift will typically come in three boxes; the seat box, the top 2 feet of track and unit box, and the extra track box. The seat box Salem WI and the unit box will need to be moved to the top of the stairs. The unit box weighs about 135 pounds and can be a little bulky so use a dolly or have someone help you carry it up the stairs. You can leave these two boxes aside because you will be installing the track first.

It is important to note that if you do not have a wooden stair case, you will need special Salem WI mounting brackets that are available from your stair lift dealer. Begin by identifying the bottom track section; it has a metal endplate on one end. The track has a series of nuts on either side of the track. Attach the track brackets to the track nuts with the included bolts. You will need to attach one pair of brackets to the bottom step, one pair to the top set, and one pair below and above Salem WI each track splice. Do not tighten the brackets yet, because they will need a little play in order to position them properly on the stairs. Do not remove the foam packing that is in the track, yet.

Splice bars are used to secure the different pieces of track together, and are located at the end of the track. After you have attached the brackets to the first section of track, use the allen key to loosen Salem WI the splice bar and slide it halfway out of the track. After the splice bar is halfway out tighten it back up and repeat this process for all splice bars. Carefully slide the upper end of track onto the first section of track and tighten the splice bars to the second section of track. It is important to watch your fingers during this process.

Once the track has been joined slide the brackets until they are Salem WI flush with the stair case molding or wall. This will ensure that the track is positioned at the proper distance from the wall. Using a small piece of wood or a book, elevate the track about ½ inches to ¾ inches off the ground. Begin screwing the first set of brackets to the first step, stopping halfway through to remove the book/wood, and then continue tightening the brackets. Tighten the remaining brackets onto the stairs Salem WI using the provided wood screws. The track is designed so that it can be supported completely by the brackets, or it can rest on the steps edges. It is important that it is parallel to the steps though. By tying a string to the top of the track and running it the distance of the stairs, it is possible to check the track. You can make adjustments to the brackets to ensure that it is Salem WI parallel.

After you have the track secured it is necessary to run the lower call button wire. The lower call button wire attaches to the wall side nut past where the first bracket is attached. Secure the wire to this nut and route it along the top of the track in the wall side channel. When you reach the top of the installed section, tuck the rest of the wire out of the way, because you Salem WI will finish its installation after the sending unit has been attached.

Since the unit can be heavy and bulky, it is better to have assistance during its installation. Remove the packaging by cutting the box open, and remove the shipping brace that is attached to the unit. Loosen the splice bars at the end of the unit’s track, slide them out halfway, and tighten them back up. Slide the track and unit onto the existing track Salem WI that is already secured to the stairs. Tighten the splice bars with the allen wrench. Attach track brackets to the side of the top track section and hand tighten.

The AmeriGlide stair lift has a special safety feature that prevents it from moving if it does have enough tension. Sometimes during shipping this safety feature will engage and it is necessary to reset the slack cable sensor. Ensure that the device is not plugged into the Salem WI wall, and using the manual hand crank supplied with the unit, turn the hand crank clockwise until you hear a click, or the unit begins to move.

At this point the installation is almost done. The next article in this series will cover the rest of the installation procedures.

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